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Alice Agogino


Euiyoung Kim, Postdoctoral Fellow, Jacobs Institute of Design Innovation
Celeste Roschuni, Entrepreneurial Lead, theDesignExchange
James (Yusong) Jiang, lead programmer, theDesignExchange

Current M.S./Ph.D. Graduate Students

Julien Caubel, ME
Angelo Brian Cera, ME
Lee-Huang Chen, ME
Mallory Daly, ME
Deniz Dogruer, SESAME
Elena Duran, SESAME
Jeremy Faludi
Jasmine Gipson, ME
Pierce Gordon, ERG
Duncan Haldane (with Ron Fearing), ME
Colin Ho (on leave at OpenROV), ME
Lily (Rong) Hu, ME
Daniel Lim, ME
Kyunam Kim, ME
Julia Kramer, ME
Jessica Lee (with Ron Fearing), ME
Jianlan Luo, ME
George Moore, ME
Danielle Poreh, ME
Vivek Rao (with Slaw Hermanowicz), ME
Andrew Sabelhaus (Drew), Co-IT Manager, ME
Sonia Travaglini, ME
Alan Zhang, ME, Green Lab Liaison
Edward Liu Zhu, Co-IT & Website Manager, ME

2016-2017 M.Eng. Graduate Students

Oscillating Wind Power

Saba Fazeli, ME, Product Design
Patrick Hartmann, ME, Product Design
Roberto Ortiz-Soto, ME, Product Design
Laura Sverchek, ME, Product Design

Samsung Beyond Smartphones

Diego Rivas Costante, ME, Product Design
Kingston Xu, ME, Product Design
Shail Shah, ME, Product Design
Arielle Maxner, ME, Product Design
Kaiyue Wang, MSE
Corey Long, BioE

Street Nature Score

Siying Chen, CEE
Pierre Fredenucci, ME, Product Design
Tinashe Giyavha, IEOR
Jacquelin Hansel, IEOR

ULTRA Spine Tensegrity Robots

Lara Janse van Vuuren, ME Product Design
Asher Sanghian, ME Product Design
Shu Jun Tan, ME Product Design
Robel Teweldebirhan, ME Product Design
Huajing (Shirley) Zhao, ME, Controls

6-Bar Spherical Tensegrity Soft Robots

Carrina Dong, ME, Product Design
Henry He, ME, Product Design
Eric Jiang, ME, Controls
Anosh Sethna, ME Product Design
Michael Wu, ME, Product Design

12-Bar Spherical Tensegrity Soft Robots

Nikki Chen, ME Product Design
Marshall Hoaglan, ME Modeling & Simulation
Zhong Jin, ME, Product Design
Juan Ordonez, ME, Product Design

Current PostDocs and Visiting Scholars

Matilde Bisballe JensenPhD Candidate – Engineering Design and Innovation, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MTP) in Trondheim.
Chengwei Zhang, Visiting Student, China
Euiyoung Kim, Postdoctoral Fellow, Jacobs Institute of Design Innovation

Recent PostDocs and Visiting Scholars

Soh Kim, Post-Doc, Center for Open Innovation
Kevin Leahy, Fulbright Fellow
Osvaldo Romero, Visiting Student, UNAM

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Human-Powered Gym Team

2013 Commencement: (left to right) Celeste Roschuni, Lora Oehlberg, Ryan Shelby, Alice Agogino, Yael Perez

Tensegrity Robotics Team (2015)
Tensegrity Robotics Team (2014-2015)
Samsung Internet of Things Team (2015-16)
Signing Sohyoung Kim’s Ph.D. Dissertation (2013)
Alice Agogino and Sohyeong Kim win Pedar Sather Award
Jennifer Wang at the Lawrence Hall of Science
2010-2011 CARES Team: (l to r): Ryan Shelby, Alex Kwon, Yael Perez, Tommy Liu, Cindy Bayley, Antonio Love, Stephanie Scott, Larissa Korach, Danny Wilson, and Stephen Appert
CARES team building straw bale house at the Pinoleville Pomo Nation

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Current  |  MS Theses  |  Ph.D. Dissertations  |  Other Ph.D. Dissertations   |  Visiting ScholarsAgogino C.V.