Agogino Joins United Nations’ Robotics for Good Youth Challenge Launch: Disaster Response

Alice Agogino participated in the AI for Good webinar on Disaster Response. This webinar was hosted by the United Nations Telecommunication Union (ITU-UN) on Thursday, April 25th from 4:00-5:30 PM. She was part of an initiative that aims to use artificial intelligence for the greater good. She shared her insights and learning with fellow experts in the field. #AIforGood #DisasterResponse #UN #ITU-UN

Immediate action is required to mitigate climate change and its impact on climate change . Methane (CH4) is responsible for up to one-third of the global warming experienced today. Methane traps more heat in the atmosphere per molecule than carbon dioxide (CO2), so methane becomes 80 times more harmful than COfor 20 years after it is released.  Squishy Robotics is addressing the pain points and costs associated with identifying, accessing, monitoring and prioritizing remediation of methane emissions in remote or large locations. The strategy is to provide multi-level data (satellite, drone, ground) with multimodal (AI methane sensor fusion) rapidly deployable sensors.

Agogino’s presentation focused on Squishy Robotics’ strategy for Disaster Response and Intense Methane Reduction in a human-relevant time frame. Our innovative new platform for increasing the number and quality of methane measurement data points available across production sites, reducing greenhouse gases and making it safer and less expensive to conduct continuous monitoring, even in remote unmanned locations. Customers will benefit from cost-effective solutions that can be certified for sustainability reports and carbon credits. They will save money on identifying and prioritizing the most critical repairs. Although focusing on methane emissions, our approach can be generalized to a wide range of other IIoT inspection and monitoring applications.

Available on the AI for Good network or Youtube.