ME290P/MBA290N: Managing New Product Development

Teaching Design Thinking and Doing

MBA 290N, ME290P

Managing the New Product Development Process: Design Theory and Methodology


Prof. Alice Agogino, 415 Sutardja Dai Hall (CITRIS), x2-6450, She sometimes posts updates on  Twitter:

Michael Borrus, Professional Faculty, Haas School of Business, Business and XSeed Capital

Teaching Assistants:

Daniel Lim, 4th floor Sutdarja Dai Hall (CITRIS),

Course Objectives:

This Management of Technology course at the University of California, Berkeley is operationally-focused and aims to develop the interdisciplinary skills required for successful product development in today’s competitive marketplace. Engineering, iSchool, Business, etc. students from Berkeley (and in some years, Industrial Design students from California College of the Arts) join forces on small product development teams to step through the new product development process in detail, learning about the available tools and techniques to execute each process step along the way. Each student brings his or her own disciplinary perspective to the team effort, and must learn to synthesize that perspective with those of the other students in the group to develop a sound, marketable product. Students can expect to depart the semester understanding new product development processes as well as useful tools, techniques and organizational structures that support new product development practice in the context of the “triple bottom line”: economy, environment and society. Although the course focuses on the application of these principles to new product development, they are more broadly applicable to innovation in general – of products, services, organizations, business strategies and governmental policies. This semester we will also be joined by students from the National Autonomous Universty of Mexico (UNAM) to provide an international collaboration experience. This course will also receive credit towards the new Engineers and Business Sustainability Certificate.

Information and Syllabi: