Design Roadmapping


While product and technology roadmaps have been well-formalized in terms of their structures, methodologies, and frameworks, design roadmaps have not been explicitly explored nor studied from either an academic or industry practice standpoint. With increasing uncertainties, rapid changes, and complexities in market environments, companies are finding that they can no longer differentiate their products and services by relying on traditional roadmapping processes that focus on technologies and product features. Rather strategies that revolve around the holistic experience of products or services are more likely to be successful in today’s market. As the first step, we develop a design driven roadmapping process as a new way of preparing future product/service concepts and define elements, sequence of the process. In our research, the design roadmap is defined as a canvas that reflects expected core-design elements acquired throughout various types of design activities over time frame.


Research Advisors

Alice Agogino (Professor, ME, UC Berkeley), Sara Beckman (Professor, Business, UC Berkeley)

Research Lead

Euiyoung Kim (Post-doctoral Scholar & Lecturer, ME)


Shun Yao (Undergraduate, ME)

Ingrid Hong (Undergraduate, CS)

Serena Chang (Undergraduate, ME)

Guilherme Gouvea (Visiting Undergraduate, Industrial Design)

Melanie Silva (Undergraduate, Cognitive Science)


  • Conduct Comprehensive Design Research

Selective in-depth interviews, behavioral observations for unexplored needs and opportunity spaces for innovation. Comprehensive online surveys. Find out pain points and develop frameworks for identified problems.

  • Extract Common Themes and Insights

Synthesize data to create common themes and insights for the future. Narrow down user group focus and create primary and secondary personas and use scenarios. Record key observations and data from these personas and use scenarios.

  • Identify and Prioritize List of Technologies

Research different existing technologies and functionalities. Brainstorm potential new features. Prioritize these technologies based on stages of development. Select which technologies would be beneficial and useful for the target personas.

  • Map Technologies to Human Insights

Prioritize technologies based on needs that stem from human insights, and examine how technologies can be applied to address opportunity spaces and pain points of target user groups.

  • Create a Design Roadmap

Combine elements from user research and technology analysis to map out a plan that integrates human-centered solutions with targeted technologies. Create a cohesive collective shared vision for a design team.

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  • IDSA (Industrial Designers Society of America) Design Roadmapping Workshop, Aug. 2016

Date: Aug. 16th, 2016

Location: College for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI.

A design roadmap is a canvas that allows design teams strategically visualize and map out user experience design elements over time. This new approach creates roadmaps driven by innovations from the perspective of future customers, instead of solely by technology projections. This workshop will introduce the Design Roadmapping concept, frameworks, and steps used to identify anticipated product concepts through a human-centered design approach. There will be the opportunity to form teams of 3-4 with fellow professionals, educators, and students to create example Design Roadmaps on a topic either provided by the instructor or by workshop participants. Participants can expect to learn a hands-on rapid roadmap prototyping process that is well aligned with IDSA conference’s theme. The workshop will utilize tangible games, as well as digital templates and worksheets for immersive, group-based learning.

Session 1- Workshop (1.5-2 hours)
This session provides a hands-on design roadmapping workshop. Teams of 3-4 professionals, educators, and students will be formed to create the example Design Roadmap by following guided steps on the topic that is either provided by an instructor or brought in by workshop participants.

Session 2 – Presentation (0.5 hours)
This session introduce design roadmapping case studies from high-tech companies. We will show research results from 40 interviews of designers, engineers, and product managers from San Francisco Bay Area consumer product companies as well as challenges and opportunities in current roadmapping processes.


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Applied design roadmaps to three technology-driven research projects in the internet of things and a large format display industry.

*Deliverables are 1) design roadmap per each project, 2) 12 Human-insights (extracted from various types of both quantitive and qualitative research methods), 3) Core Experiences, 4) Technologies and definitions.


Applied Integrated design roadmapping template in the stage of 2nd generation’s concept generation.

*Deliverables are 1) completed set of the integrated design roadmap including core experience, outcome, user needs, 2) technology evolution, 3) product evolution in 3 phases.

The Sproutel’s case study is featured in our paper in International Conference on Engineering Design, 2015, Milano, Italy.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 3.17.36 PM



Date: April. 30th, 2015

Location: #240, CITRIS Building, UC Berkeley, CA.

*Deliverables are 1) design roadmap 2) Core Experiences, 3) Core-Insights

2 3 4 8


Date: Aug. 25th, 2015

Location: d-school, Stanford, CA.


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  1. Download summary slides of the research. Design Roadmap_2 page slides.pptx
  2. Download Design Roadmapping Worksheets. Design Roadmap Worksheet-2pages