Jon Cagan interviewed by Forbes: Carnegie Mellon’s Integrated Innovation Institute’s Vision To Build Innovators Of Tomorrow

BESTie Jonathan (Jon) Cagan named Co-Director of Carnegie Mellon’s Integrated Innovation Institute. He was interviewed by Peter High in Forbes Magazine.

The Integrated Innovation Institute focuses on the intersection of business, engineering and design to advance fundamental knowledge and practice in product and service innovation.  The Institute cross-trains students in the three disciplines to become elite innovators, which enhances the effectiveness of thinking and generating results.  In addition to Masters level professional degrees, the Institute offers corporate training and pursues research to advance the state of the art.

Our success is measured in the impact we have on society: our projects result in patents and commercialized (and award-winning) products for our corporate sponsors; our graduates are highly employed and sought after; our application pool includes the best product development students in the world and is expanding rapidly year-to-year; our books are well-referenced and influential in academic and corporate settings; our research is targeted to innovation practice and is well-referenced.  We expect to continue to impact the thinking and practice of innovation.