Visit to Agogino Cave – Spring 1999

Agogino Cave was named over thirty years ago after my father, an archeologist/anthropologist from New Mexico. As the cave has never been fully excavated, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) tries to keep the cave a secret and restricts access. In Spring ’99, my family decided to revisit this historic site with my father. Even with the BLM’s topographic map, it was difficult finding the cave as the road to it had been washed out and was never repaired. It was also carefully guarded by a rattlesnake, which almost got my son, Adrian Agogino. He managed to escape by means of a dramatic backward jump over the top ceiling of Agogino Cave.
Photo: Agogino’s (Karen, George, Mercedes, Arianne, Adrian and Alice) at Agogino Cave.

Diagram of Agogino Cave

George Agogino and Adrian Agogino in Front of Agogino Cave

The Sleepy Rattlesnack Guarding Agogino Cave

Adrian Agogino next to BLM “Permit Required” Posting

Adrian Agogino and Arianne Agogino Gieringer in Front of Agogino Cave

Arianne Agogino Gieringer in Front of Agogino Cave



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