Other Ph.D. Theses Chaired by Alice M. Agogino as 2nd or 3rd Reader


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1987/88 Gaetano Borriello “Reasoning about Circuit Interfaces and the Automatic Synthesis of Interface Transducers”
1987/88 Perry Lee McCarty, Jr. “The Management of Uncertainties in Expert Systems”
1987/88 Eric Bier “Snap Dragging: Interactive Geometric Design in Two and Three Dimension”
1988/89 Dave W. Halligan “Managing and Documenting Unforeseen Site Conditions using Influence Diagrams”
1988/89 Dartikeya Mayaraman “CODECS: A Mixed-Level Circuit and Device Simulator”
1989/90 Lung Albert Chen “Knowledge-Based Retrieval of Information as a Process of Evidential Reasoning”
1989/90 Woo-Tsong Linn “An Object-Oriented System for Knowledge-Based Production Scheduling”
1990/91 Gary S. May “Automated Malfunction Diagnosis of Integrated Circuit Manufacturing Equipment”
1991/92 Marie Ellen desJardins “A Model for Autonomous Learning in Probabilistic Domains”
1992/93 Shlomo Zilberstein “Operational Rationality through Compilation of Anytime Algorithms”
1992/93 Luis Miguel Bozzo Rotondo “Qualitative Reasoning about Structural Behavior for Conceptual Design”
1992/93 Adeel Najmi “Management of Cycle Time in Semiconductor Wafer Fabrication”
1993/94 Cassandra T. Rogers “Expert Systems Approach to Regional Evaluation of Debris Flow Hazards”
1994/95 Sovarong Leang “A Control and Diagnostic System for the Photolithography Process Sequence”
1994/95 Asoke Kumar De “Modeling and Optimization of Fine Grinding of Minerals in High-Pressure Roll Mill – Ball Mill Hybrid Communication Circuits”
1994/95 Brian C. Smith “Implementation Techniques for Continuous Media Systems and Applications”
1995/96 Nestor V. Queipo “On the Optimal Placement of Heat Sources in an Enclosure Based on Adaptive Search and Machine Learning”
1995/96 Vikram Vij “Exploiting Parallelism in a Shared Disk Database System”
1996/97 Gitanjali Swamy “Incremental Methods for Formal Verification and Logic Synthesis”
1996/97 Stephen Anthony Edwards “The Specification and Execution of Heterogeneous Synchronous Reactive Systems”
1997/98 Peter Neuhaus “Industrial Strength Human-Assisted Walking Robots”
1998/99 Brian M. Dennis “CrossJam: A Language for Hypermedia Authoring”
1999/2000 Dawn Rickey ” The Role of Metacognition in Learning Chemistry, “
1999/2000 Jeanna Neefe Matthews “Improving File System Performance with Adaptive Methods”
1999/2000 Adrian J. Isles ” Formal Verification Using Datapath Abstraction”
1999/2000 Blas Guerrero “An Analysis of Academic Demographic and Non-Cognitive Factors that Influence Academic Performance During the Freshman Year in College”
2000/01 Douglas Clark Burton “Scaffolding Knowledge Integration Through Curricular Depth”
2002/03 Hesham Mohamed Kamel “The Integrated Communication 2 Draw”
2002/03 Zu-Hsu Lee “Design and Analysis of Algorithms for Due Date Quotation”
2003/04 Michael Wetter “Simulation-Based Building Energy Optimization” (pdf)
2004/05 Rodney Martin “Optimal Prediction, Alarm, and Control in Buildings Using Thermal Sensation Complaints”
2004/05 Lixia Zhou “Optical MEMS for Free-Space Communication”
2005/06 Pam Sirivedhin Ridgely “A Method for Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of FlexibleBeams”
2006/07 Colin Thomas Milberg “Application of Tolerance Management to Civil Systems”
2006/07 Jaewook Lee “Design Collaboration as a Framework for Building Intelligent Environments”
2006/07 Youngung Shon “Development and Evaluation of a Haptic Rendering System for Virtual Design Environments”
2006/07 Nathan Ken Ota “The Application of Wireless Sensor Networks to Residential Energy Efficiency and Demand Response”
2007/08 Debbie Gahaton Jones “Line-of-Sight Sealed Silicon Carbide Diaphrams for Harsh Environment Sensors”
2007/08 Priya Sreedharan “Bayesian based design of real-time sensor systems for high-risk indoor contaminants”
2008/09 Xue Chen “Demand Response-enabled Autonomous Control for Interior Space Conditioning in Residential Buildings”
2008/09 Tye Lawrence Rattenbury “An Activity Based Approach to Context-Aware Computing”
2008/09 Stan Tuholski “Transformation, Flow, and Value Constellations in AEC Projects”
2009/10 Florent Heidet “Maximum Fuel Utilization in Advanced Fast Reactors without Actinides Separation”
2009/10 Corinne Reich-Weiser “Decision-Making to Reduce Manufacturing Greenhouse Gas Emissions”
2010/11 Jessica Louis Baker Rivest “Nanocrystal Photovoltaics: The Case of Cu2S-CdS”
2011/12 Johanna L. Mathieu “Modeling, Analysis, and Control of Demand Response Resources”
2011/12 Isaac Liu “Precision Timed Machines”
2012/13 Nancy Diaz-Elsayed “The Development of Energy Models for Production Systems and Processes to Inform Environmentally Benign Decision-Making”, Spring 2013
2012/13 Fatima Allyne “Precipitation Effects in Ion Implanted Aluminum Nitride,” Summer 2013
2013/14 Stefanie Lynn Robinson “An Environmental and Economic Trade-off Analysis of Manufacturing Process Chains to Inform Decision Making for Sustainability,” Fall 2013
2013/14 Sushrut S. Pavanaskar “Improving Energy Efficiency in CNC Machining,” Spring 2014
2013/14 Paz Arroyo “Exploring Decision-Making Methods For Sustainable Design In Commercial Buildings,” Spring 2014
2015/16 Pablo J. Rosado “Evaluating Cool Impervious Surfaces: Application to an Energy-Efficient Residential Roof and to City Pavements,” Spring 2016
2016/17 William A. Tarpeh “Designing and Evaluating Novel Approaches to Nitrogen Recovery from Source-Separated Urine,” Summer 2017
2017/18 Youngwook Paul Kwon “Automated Registration of Image Pairs with Dramatically Inconsistent Appearance,” Fall 2017
2018/19 Bourne, Hannah “Marine Biogeochemical Cycling of Carbon and Cadmium,” Fall 2018
2018/19 Victor Eduardo Villalobos Daniel “Innovation in Public Health: a behavioral and design sciences approach,” Fall 2018

Paige Balcom

“Analysis of Uganda’s Plastic Waste Challenge from an Exergy, Thermal Phase Change, and Development Perspective to Improve Resource Efficiency and Social Impact” Spring 2022

Dana Hernandez

“Development and Deployment of Novel Arsenic Remediation Technologies in the Contexts of Rural India and the Central Valley of California” Fall 2022

Samatha Nicole Hing

“Cleaner Cooking: Exploring Tools to Measure and Understand the Long-term Adoption and Environmental Significance of Cookstoves in India” Spring 2023

Areidy Aracely Beltran-Peña

“Developing Interfacial Solar Vapor Generation into a Sustainable Desalination Technology”, 2023

Casey Finnerty

“Impacts of Climate Change on Water and Food Systems” Summer 2023

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