Case Studies

NExD (Next Experience Display Lab), Samsung Research America, San Francisco, 2014-2015

Applied design roadmaps to three technology-driven research projects in the internet of things and a large format display industry.

*Deliverables are 1) design roadmap per each project, 2) 12 Human-insights (extracted from various types of both quantitive and qualitative research methods), 3) Core Experiences, 4) Technologies and definitions.


Jerry-the-bear, Sproutel, Providence, 2013-2014

Applied Integrated design roadmapping template in the stage of 2nd generation’s concept generation.

*Deliverables are 1) completed set of the integrated design roadmap including core experience, outcome, user needs, 2) technology evolution, 3) product evolution in 3 phases.

The Sproutel’s case study is featured in our paper in International Conference on Engineering Design, 2015, Milano, Italy.


Samsung IoT Entertainment ME110 Project Team, UC Berkeley, 2015

Date: April. 30th, 2015

Location: #240, CITRIS Building, UC Berkeley, CA.

*Deliverables are 1) design roadmap 2) Core Experiences, 3) Core-Insights

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