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 1. 1984/85 Timothy M. Hayes, MS Plan II “Human Factors Display Design for a Multi-Channel Radiation Monitor”
2. 1984/85 Stephen H. Grau, MS Plan II “The Conceptual Design of a Distributed Digital Control Network for Nuclear Power Plant Control”
3. 1985/86 Eric A. Moore, MS Plan II “INFORM: A Knowledge Acquisition and Modeling Interface for IDES, the Influence Diagram based Expert System”
4. 1985/86 Steven L. Ethier, MS Plan II “A Human Factors Study of the Primary Operating Displays for the NUSC Automatic Top Control Unit”
5. 1985/86 Johnston Choy, MS Plan II “Automating SYmbolic MONotonicity Analysis”
6. 1985/86 Ron Heglie, MS Plan II “DASCON: The Data, Acquisition Configuration System”
7. 1986/87 Kenneth M. Schneider, MS Plan II “Real Time Control with Influence Diagram based Expert System”
8. 1986/87 Mark K. Lambert, MS Plan I “A Graphical Interface to an Influence Diagram based Expert System”
9. 1986/87 Ann S. Almgren, MS Plan II “Symbolic Computation for Constrained Optimization in Computer-Aided Design”
10. 1986/87 Nestor F. Michelena, Master of Engrg “Multiobjective Hydraulic Cylinder Design”
11. 1986/87 Kristofer A. Swanson, MS Plan II “CVAID Expert System Development”
12. 1987/88 Lt. Leonard S. Kim, MS Plan II “Influence Diagram and Ada based Expert System”
13. 1987/88 Jean-Michel Nataf “Automatic Modeling of Thermal Systems”
14. 1987/88 Ramanathan Guha, MS Plan II “Induction and Analogy for Engineering Expert Systems”
15. 1987/88 Ashutosh Rege, MS Plan I “On the Theory and Automation of Influence Diagrams: Consistency, Modeling and Implementation”
16. 1987/88 Sampath Srinivas, MS Plan II “Inducing Influence Diagrams from Examples”
17. 1987/88 Sherry Hsi, MS Plan II “ADIS: Assistive Device Interface Selector for the Disabled”
18. 1987/88 Michael J. Molezzi, MS Plan II “Computer Workstation Design for Disabled Users: A Study of the Design Process”
19. 1988/89 Ramachandran Gurumoorthy, MS Plan II “Annotated Prolog in a Distributed Environment”
20. 1988/89 Audumbar Padgaonkar, MS Plan II “Monitoring System for the Time-of-Flight Wall at LBL”
21. 1989/90 Rhonda S. Stieber, MS Plan II “An Expert System Advisor for Configuring Information Display Systems”
22. 1989/90 Sandra L. Turner, MS Plan II “Preliminary Analysis of the Application of Expert Systems to Fire Detection in Structures”
23. 1990/91 Christopher Johnson, MS Plan II “Version Control & Temporal Enhancements to DesignSCRIBE: An Information System for Concurrent Design”
24. 1991/92 Kathy Naassan, MS Plan II “Sensor Validation for the Space Shuttle Main Engine Controller”
25. 1991/92 Keith Allan Gallion, MS Plan I “RMS – Repair Management System: A System to Aid in the Diagnosis of Ship Structural Failures and the Evaluation of Repair Alternatives”
26. 1991/92 Regina S. Narkiewicz, MS Plan II “Tem Pump Performance Model”
27. 1992/93 Jay Evans, MS Plan II “Multimedia Case Studies for Teaching Best Design Practices”
28. 1992/93 Punit Jain, MS Plan II “Intelligent Sensor Validation for Diagnostic Expert System: Integrating Algorithmic and Heuristic Processing”
29. 1992/93 James Osborn, MS Plan II “Development of Display Object: An Interactive Educational Spatial Reasoning Tool”
30. 1992/93 Ian Zook, MS Plan II “Using Multimedia Case Studies in Engineering: Knowledge Acquisition During Case Study Development”
31. 1992/93 Antonio Hernandez, MS Plan II “The Identification of Successful Strategies for Spatial Reasoning”
32. 1993/94 Charles M. Carlstrom, MS Plan II “Development, Testing, and Assessment of the Cyclone Grinder Multimedia Case Study”
33. 1993/94 Andy Dong, MS Plan II “Design Wizard: Tools for Computer-Assisted Prototype Selection”
34. 1993/94 Todd Forsyth, MS Plan II “A Report on the Structure and Operation of the Controlled Ecological Life Support Visual Database Project”
35. 1993/94 Nagaraj Srinivasan, MS Plan II “Multimedia Case Studies in Engineering: Development and Assessment of the Disk Drive Case Study”
36. 1993/94 Kai Goebel, MS Plan II “Using a Neural-Fuzzy Scheme to Diagnose Manufacturing Processes”
37. 1993/94 Pranjali Dattada, MS Plan II “User Study for a Networked Multimedia Database of Courseware”
38. 1993/94 Stacey Au, MS Plan II “A Multimedia Archival System for Explosively Actuated Valves: A Study in Design Archival”
39. 1994/95 Sunny Gill, MS Plan II “The Best Practices Document: Recommendations for Using Instructional Technology for Delivery of Courseware”
40. 1994/95 Nanette Nalzaro, MS Plan II “GE Multimedia Acquisition System (GEMMAcs): A Presentation Database; A Study in Document Information Archival”
41. 1994/95 Stephen Bayne, MS Plan II “Capturing Design Experience with a Low Cost Database for Design Component Standardization”
42. 1995/96 Zhijie Huang, MS Plan II “An Electronic Product Catalog”
43. 1995/96 Mitchell Suarez, MS Plan II “Neural Network Terminal Area Aircraft Trajectory Conflict “
44. 1995/96 Shad H. Shokralla, MS Plan II “21st Century Jet: The Boeing 777 Multimedia Case Study”
45. 1995/96 David W. Bellm, MS Plan II “Characterization of the Sonar and Radar Distance Sensing Devices under Suboptimal Operating Conditions for the California Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways”
46. 1995/96 Robert Stanard, MS Plan II “People, Products and Process: Interactive Multimedia Case Study in Integrated Design, Manufacturing Strategy and New Product Development”
47. 1996/97 Jorge Enrique Barreto, MS Plan II “Augmenting Information Retrieval Using EVPI Computation”
48. 1996/97 David Yu, MS Plan II “The Virtual Disk Drive Design Studio”
49. 1996/97 Bradly Cammon, MS Plan II “Integration of Sensor Validation and Fusion Techniques with SmartPath: A Process and Performance Evaluation”
50. 1997/98 Ya Wen, MS Plan II “People, Products and Strategies: The Design and Development of a Web-based Multimedia Case Study”
51. 1997/98 Jiangxin Wang, MS Plan II “Sensor Validation and Fusion of GPS Aided Longitudinal Positioning System for IVHS”
52. 1998/99 Youhao Jing, MS Plan II “MESANet: Facilitating MESA Design with Internet and a WWW-based Learning Environment”
53. 1998/99 Rebecca F. RichkusMS Plan II “Web Implementation and Enhancement of the Virtual Disk Drive Design Studio,” Netscape Version and Internet Explorer Version
54. 1998/99 Aparoopa (Tina) Dutta, MS Plan II “Geographically-Independent Learning: Built & Designed for ME290P”
55. 1999/2000 Jason Puzniak, MS Plan II “The Role of On-Line Communication and Community in a Digital Library for Science, Mathematics, Engineering, and Technology Education”
56. 2001/2002 Andrew Hill, MS Plan II “Creating Online Faculty Collaboration to Develop Engineering Education Computer Learning Materials”
57. 2001/2002 Jessica Granderson, MS Plan II “Development of an On-Line Design Guide for Cal MESA’s (Mathematics, Engineering and Science Achievement) BEST (Boosting Engineering Through Science and Technology Robotics Competitions”
58. 2002/2003 Rebekah Yozdell-Epstein, MS Plan II “Economic, Energy and User Needs Analysis of an Intelligent Lighting System”
59. 2003/2004 Matthew Dubberly, MS Plan II “Life Cycle Assessment of an Intelligent Lighting System using a Distributed Mote Network”
60. 2003/2004 Hengsi Lin, MS Plan II “A Protocol for Evaluating Designers’ Sketching Activities”
61. 2003/2004 Mohammad Rasheq Zarif, MS Plan II “Categorization of Current MEMS Suspension Design Variants”
62. 2004/2005 Yao-Jung Wen, MS Plan II “Smart Dust Sensor Mote Characterization, Validation, Fusion and Actuation
63. 2004/2005 Julien Sauvageon, MS Plan II “Integrated Systems Health Monitoring Using Smart Dust Mote Sensor Networks: Hot Spot and Peak Strain Detection in Space Vehicles”
64. 2004/2005 Vinukumar Ranganathan, MS Plan II “Locking-free Curved Beam Finite Element formulation And its application in MEMS Resonators “
65. 2004/2005 Marisela Avalos, MS Plan II “Technology Assessment of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Batteries”
66. 2005/2006 Lionel Mohri, MS Plan II “The Design Process through the Eyes of a Berkeley Student”
67. 2005/2006 Fabian Beltran, MS Plan II “Human Preference Testing for Smart Lighting”
68. 2006/2007 Esha Datta, MS Plan II “Mobile Learning and Digital Libraries: Designing for Pre-Engineering Education at the Elementary School Level
69. 2007/2008 Stephanie Lynn Robinson, MS Plan II “A Usability Assessment of the Engineering Pathway Educational Digital Library”
70. 2007/2008 Jennifer Mangold, MS Plan II “A User Needs Study of K-12 Teachers for the Engineering Pathway Educational Digital Library”
71. 2007/2008 Andrew Favor, MS Plan II “Exploring a Publisher Funded Business Model by Using Engineering Pathway as a Content Platform”
72. 2007/2008 Ryan Shelby, MS Plan II “Thermal Endurance and Cryogenic Capable Pressure Vessel Design for a (L)H2 Fueled Toyota Prius”
73. 2007/2008 Lora Oehlberg, MS Plan II “Tangible and Digital Media in Design Journals: Medium’s Influence on Sketching Behavior”
74. 2007/2008 Kimberly Lau, MS Plan II “Sketching Behavior and Design Journals”
75. 2007/2008 Rupam Singla, MS Plan II “Designing a Suit to Protect Migrant Farm Workers in California from Pesticide Exposure”
76. 2007/2008 James T. Bonnell, MS Plan II “Green Lighting: Wireless Lighting Systems Integration for Significant Energy Savings”
77. 2008/2009 Timothy Robert Jacobi, MS Plan II “A Product Development Case Study in the Amusement Industry”
78. 2008/2009 Johanna Louise Mathieu, MS Plan II “Design of a Rural Water Provision System to Decrease Arsenic Exposure in Bangladesh” (with Ashok Gadgil)
79. 2008/2009 Nick Adrian Galano, MS Plan II “Smart Lighting: LED Implementation and Ambient Communication Applications”
80. 2008/2009 Celeste Roschuni, MS Plan II “Relationship Conflict And Feeling Communication In Design Teams”
81. 2009/2010 Kayvan Nowrouzi, MS Plan II “Node Weight Modeling for Optimal Routing: The Mobile Millennium Project” (with Alexandre Bayen)
82. 2011/2012 Jennifer Wang, MS Plan I Thesis “Engineering Learning at a Science Center” (with Lisa Pruitt and Marcia Linn)
83. 2011/2012 Ryan Paulson, MS Plan II “Personalized Illuminance Model Using Inverse Modeling and Piecewise Linear Regression”
84. 2012/2013 Daniel Wilson, MS Plan II “Life Cycle Assessment Shows Carbon Savings from a Fuel-Efficient Biomass Cookstove Dwarf Embodied Carbon Emissions”
85. 2012/2013 Vivek Mohan Rao, MS Plan II “Building Facades for Solar Water Treatment: Design and Characterization of a Vertically-Integrated Multistep (VIMS) Solar Photocatalytic Water Treatment Reactor”
86. 2012/2013 Qi Hongo, MS Plan II “Sustainability Guidelines for Early Product Development: Focus on Hot Water Kettles and Florescent Lights”
87. 2012/2013 Hanxin Shen, MS Plan II “Sustainability Guidelines for Early Product Development: Focus on Office Seating and Childhood Furniture”
88. 2012/2013 Rui Guo, MS Plan II “Sustainability Guidelines for Early Product Development: Focus on Cell Phones”
89. 2012/2013 Guang Zhu, MS Plan II “Sustainability Guidelines for Packaging”
90. 2012/2013 Min Zhu, MS Plan II “Sustainability Guidelines for Early Product Development: Focus on Jeans and Footwear”
91. 2012/2013 Chaten Boscha, MS Plan II (Co-Chair) “Samsung Capstone Project: Assessing Risks and Opportunities of Introducing a Controversial/Unconventional Technology within an Existing Framework”
92. 2013/2014 Dizhou Lu, MS Plan II “Structural Design for Tensegrity Mechatronics”
93. 2013/2014 Justino J. Calangi, MS Plan II “Model-Based Control System for Packing a 6-Bar Tensegrity Structure”
94. 2013/2014 Eric Cheng-yu Hong, MS Plan II “Viability of Tensegrity Robots in Space Exploration”
95. 2013/2014 Yuejia (Margaret) Liu, MS Plan II “Tensegrity Soft Robot for NASA Mission”
96. 2013/2014 Yangxin Chen, MS Plan II “Structure and Actuation Design of a 6-Rod Tensegrity Robot”
97. 2013/2014 Greg Quan, MS Plan II “New Mobility Solutions for a Changing Automotive Landscape: Development of a Shared Transportation Web Platform”
98. 2013/2014 Saddiq Nuru, MS Plan II “Identifying Opportunity Spaces in the Car/Ride Sharing Environment: Creating a Framework for a Suburban Community Circulator”
99. 2013/2014 Weishi Wu, MS Plan II “Residential Mobility Solution and Life-Cycle Assessment of Community Carsharing”
100. 2013/2014 Rahul Mehendiratta, MS Plan II “Residential Mobility Solution and Life-Cycle Assessment of Community Carsharing”
101. 2013/2014 Aadityeshwar Saran Singh Deo, MS Plan II “Mercedes-Benz Residential Mobility Service: Framework to Evaluate the Change in Greenhouse Gas Emissions”
102. 2013/2014 Andrew Kam, MS Plan II “Collaborative Workspace Design: Digital Device Design of Digital-Tangible Platforms”
103. 2013/2014 Joshua Harling, MS Plan II “Collaborative Workspace Design: User-Experience Analysis of Digital-Tangible Platforms”
104. 2013/2014 Xueying (Cheryl) Hou, MS Plan II “Collaborative Workspace Design: Sustainability Analysis of Digital-Tangible Platforms”
105. 2013/2014 Ellen Dong, MS Plan II “Collaborative Workspace Design: Hardware Design Analysis of Digital-Tangible Platforms”
106. 2013/2014 Pierce Gordon, MS Plan II (Co-Chair with Dan Kammen) “Design Thinking for the Poor: A Comparative Content Analysis of Development Challenges in OpenIDEO”
107. Summer 2014 Rong Lily Hu, MS Plan II “A Statistical Learning Approach for Detection of a Chiller Energy Efficiency Fault”
108. Fall 2014 Hugo Wagoner, MS Plan II “Open Innovation Business Models for the Development of a Tensegrity Toy Kit”
109. Fall 2014 Jeffrey Lee, MS Plan II Pinoleville Pomo Nation Sustainable Home: A case study of energy modeling on sustainable design
110. Fall 2014 Andrew P. Sabelhaus, MS Plan II “Mechanism and Sensor Design for SUPERball, a Cable-Driven Tensegrity Robot”
111. Spring 2015 Jessica Lee, MS Plan II “Anisotropic Collapsible Leg Spines for Increased Millirobot Traction”
112. Spring 2015 Kathryn G. Van Lieshout, MS Plan II Environmental Impact and Indoor Quality Assessment of Pinoleville Pomo Nation Demonstration Home: An implementation of life cycle assessment and culturally inspired design
113. Spring 2015 Julien J. Caubel, MS Plan II “A Low-Cost, Compact Low Carbon Sensor to Monitor Biomass Cookstove Emissions”
114. Spring 2015 Colin Ho, MS Plan II “A Haptic Display Using Interleaved Belts to Simulate Lateral and Rotational Slip”
115. May 2015 Jonathan Chinen, MEng Plan II “IoT and the Restorative Smart Office”
116. May 2015 William J. Frese, MEng Plan II “Design of a Bioreactive System for Emotionally Intelligent Internet of Things Environments”
117. May 2015 Lee Benjamin Hamstra, MEng Plan II “Environmental Responses to Stress in the Office of the Future”
118. May 2015 Daylun (Daniel) Lim, MEng Plan II “Rapid Prototyping in UX Design Research for the Internet of Things”
119. May 2015 Oscar Segovia, MEng Plan II “Audio, IoT and the Advent of the Smart Office”
120. May 2015 Dayana Hijaz, MEng Plan II “Green Design Guide for Design Professionals”
121. May 2015 Baris Ozgen, MEng Plan II “Green Design Strategies for Consumer Electronics: Results and Case Studies from the Internet of Things”
122. May 2015 Joey Le Zhang, MEng Plan II “Green Design Guide for Design Professionals: Product Environmental Performance Study”
123. May 2015 Yujiang Sun, MEng Plan II “Green Design Guide for Design Professionals: UX design for green sustainability guide”
124. May 2015 Patrick Bailey Hylton, MEng Plan II “Mechatronics and Design of the Passive Compliance system of the ULTRA Spine, A Tensegrity Robot”
125. May 2015 Yakshu Madaan, MEng Plan II “Design and Prototypes of Structure and Guide Pulleys for ULTRA Spine – a tensegrity robot”
126. May 2015 ChanWoo Yang, MEng Plan II “Simulations and Dynamics Modeling for Tensegrity Soft Spine Robotics: ULTRA Spine”
127. May 2015 Lim Yusheng Alexander, MEng Plan II “Design of a New Spherical Tensegrity Robot Kit”
128. May 2015 Azhar Khaderi, MEng Plan II “Mechatronics and Control of a Spherical Tensegrity Robot Kit”
129. May 2015 Peadar Keegan, MEng Plan II “Electronics & Software Design of a Spherical Tensegrity Robot for NASA Missions”
130. May 2015 Xiang Li, MEng Plan II “A Study in Artificial Intelligence Methods for Spherical Tensegrity for NASA Missions”
131. August 2015 Kyle Zampaglione, MS Plan II “DNA-Structured Linear Actuator for Tensegrity Robots”
132. May 2016 Nada Alameddine, MEng Plan II “Samsung IOT: Hardware Design in a Children’s Wearable Device”
133. May 2016 Hyeji Kim, MEng Plan II “Quantitative Analysis of User Experience Expectations on IoT Wearables: Computerized Clustering and Scenario-based Conjoint Analysis”
134. May 2016 Borna Dehghani, MEng Plan II “Samsung IoT Wearable Product Development: Mechanical/Industrial Design and 3D Modeling”
135. May 2016 Hyunil (Chester) Cho, MEng Plan II “User Experience Design for IoT Wearable Device: Concept Visualization in Iterative Design Process”
136. May 2016 Jessie Tung, MEng Plan II “Manufacturing a Children’s Wearable Device: Samsung IoT”
137. May 2016 Miho Kitagawa, MS Plan II “Qualitative Analysis of Design Training Programs Inspired by International Development Design Summit”
138. May 2016 Yinglong Li, MEng Plan II “Spherical Tensegrity Robot for NASA Missions: Mechanical Design and Manufacturing”
139. May 2016 Yang Zheng, MEng Plan II “Spherical Tensegrity Soft Robot for NASA Missions: Design of the Next Generation Tensegrity Robot”
140. May 2016 Anupama Madiyan, MEng Plan II “Gimbal Concept Design and End Cap Design for NASA Spherical Tensegrity Robot”
141. May 2016 Borui Xia, MEng Plan II “Spherical Tensegrity Robot for NASA: Mechanical Design”
142. May 2016 Marcel Pozo, MEng Plan II “GPS and Motion: For Spherical Tensegrity Robots”
143. May 2016 Julien Despois, MEng Plan II “Localization, Path Planning and Controls for Spherical Soft Tensegrity Robots in the context of NASA Space Missions”
144. May 2016 Jeffrey L. Ware, MEng Plan II “Spherical Tensegrity Soft Robots for NASA Missions: IMU Integration for Orientation Detection and System Drop Response”
145. May 2016 Vincent Viola, MEng Plan II “Simulation and Control of Spherical Tensegrity Robots for NASA Missions: Feasibility Analysis of a Cable Actuated Thruster System”
146. May 2016 Chuanhai Zhu, MEng Plan II “Repair Scorecard: Variable Selection, Data Collection and Data Analysis”
147. May 2016 Boran Fu, MEng Plan II “Repair Scorecard: Data Collection, Analysis and Algorithm Development”
148. May 2016 Daqian Jiang, MEng Plan II “Repair Scorecard: Qualitative Research”
149. May 2016 Jack David Clark, MEng Plan II “Designing, Fabricating and Testing an Oscillating Wind Power Device”
150. May 2016 Shi Xuan “Shane” Koh, MEng Plan II “Analytical Modelling of Mechanical Behavior for an Oscillating Wind Power Device”
151. May 2016 Feng “Karwin” Liu, MEng Plan II “Designing an Alternative Wind Power Device with Power Output Estimation”
152. May 2016 Hari Narayanan Soundararajan, MEng Plan II “Design Considerations through Simulations for an Oscillating Wind Power Device”
153. May 2016 Maya Mardini, MEng Plan II “Oscillating Wind Power Generator: Design Influences from Stakeholders Competitors”
154. May 2016 Yilian Yan, MS Plan II “Simulation of Two-Dimensional Cable Actuated Thruster in Tensegrity Structure”
155. May 2016 Julia Kramer, MS Plan II “Human-Centered Design for Development: Characterizing the Research Landscape”
156. May 2016 Angel Omar Sanchez-Torres, MS Plan II “Design Thinking and Lean Start-ups”
157. Dec 2016 Christopher A. Collins, MS Plan II  “The Alternative Iron: Designing a Low-Power Electric Clothing Iron for the Energy Poor”
158. August 2017 Cera Brian, MS Plan II “Control Applications for Mobility of Generalized Tensegrities”
159. May 2017 Mallory Daly, MS Plan II  “Design and evaluation of 12-bar tensegrity robots for surface exploration missions”
160. May 2017 Diego Rivas Costante, MEng Plan II  “Beyond Smartphones: “Flexible Electronics to Generate Haptic Feedback in Virtual Reality Environments”
161. May 2017 Arielle Maxner, MEng Plan II  “Beyond Smartphones: Developing a Vibrotactile Haptic Language and Flexible Electronics Wearable for Virtual Reality Applications”
162. May 2017 Kingston Xu, MEng Plan II  “Beyond Smartphones: “Designing a flexible haptic wearable and auxiliary language for virtual reality applications”
163. May 2017 Juan Ordonez, MEng Plan II  “Design of 12-Bar Tensegrity Robots: Hardware Design, Actuation Analysis and Testing”
164. May 2017 Zhangyou Nikki Chen, MEng Plan II  “Design of 12-Bar Tensegrity Robots: Electronic Design and Actuation Analysis”
165. May 2017 Marshall Hoaglan, MEng Plan II  “Design of 12-Bar Tensegrity Robots: Impact Performance and Analysis”
166. May 2017 Zhong Jin, MEng Plan II  “Design of 12-Bar Tensegrity Robots: IMU System Design and Impact Performance Record”
167. May 2017 Eric Jiang, MEng Plan II  “Path Planning of Tensegrity Robots in NASA’s Tensegrity Robotics Toolkit Simulator”
168. May 2017 Carrina Dong, MEng Plan II  “Design of an Automated Testbed for a Six-Bar Tensegrity Robot”
169. May 2017 Henry He Huang, MEng Plan II  “Design and Fabrication of Launch Testbed for 6-bar Tensegrity Robot”
170. May 2017 Anosh Sethna, MEng Plan II  “6-Bar Tensegrity Robot Gimbaled Thruster Testbed – Design, Fabrication, and Preliminary Testing”
171. May 2017 Michael Jei-Lin Wu, MEng Plan II  “Experimental Validation of Autonomous Navigation in Spherical Tensegrity Robots”
172. May 2017 Shail Shah, MEng Plan II “Beyond Smartphones: “Integration of Design with Technology-Driven Development of a Continuous Fetal Heart Rate Monitor”
173. May 2017 Corey Long, MEng Plan II  “Beyond Smartphones: “Regulatory Pathway Considerations for a Fetal Heart Rate Monitor”
174. May 2017 Kaiyue Wang, MEng Plan II “GUI Design, prototyping and user test of continuous fetal monitoring device”
175. May 2017 Asher Saghian, MEng Plan II  “Design and Evaluation of the Curved Rod and W-Cross Tensegrity Spines”
176. May 2017 Shu Jun Tan, MEng Plan II  “Design, Prototype and Evaluation of the Under-Actuated Lightweight Tensegrity Robotic Assistive (ULTRA) Spine Robot: W-Extended, W-Alternating and X-Alternating Spines”
177. May 2017 Robel Bahlbi Teweldebirhan, MEng Plan II  “Simulation and Performance Evaluation of Tensegrity Spine Designs”
178. May 2017 Huajing (Shirley) Zhao, MEng Plan II  “Model-Predictive Control for Reduced-Error Trajectory Tracking of a 2D Simulated Tensegrity Spine Robot”
179. May 2017 Lara Janse van Vuuren, MEng Plan II  “Design, Manufacturing, and Testing of an Actuated Leg for a Tensegrity Quadruped Robot”
180. May 2017

Jacquelin Hansel, MEng Plan II

 “Street Nature Score – Building a map-based web-application”
181. May 2017

Siying Chen, MEng Plan II

“Street Nature Score: Visualization”
182. May 2017

Pierre Fredenucci, MEng Plan II

“Street Nature Score: Product and Business Development”
183. May 2017  Tinashe Giyavha, MEng Plan II “Street Nature Score: Technical Product Development – Calculating the nature scores”
184. May 2017

Laura Sverchek, MEng Plan II

“Oscillating Wind Power: Design and Optimization of Sail Flipping Mechanism”
185. May 2017

Saba Fazeli, MEng Plan II

“Oscillating Wind Power: Sail Design, Optimization, and Testing”
186. May 2017  Patrick Hartmann, MEng Plan II “Oscillating Wind Power: Design and Testing of Output Power Conversion”
187. May 2017 Roberto Ortiz-Soto, MEng Plan II “Oscillating Wind Power: Mechanical Power Transfer “
188. December 2017 Elena Cristina Durán López, MS Plan II “Geometris: Designing an Embodied and Collaborative Geometry Game and Understanding its User Interactions”
189. December 2017 Edward Liu Zhu, MS Plan II

Modeling of Uncertain Restitution Behavior in Path Planning for Tensegrity Robot Locomotion

190. May 2018 Danielle Poreh, MS Plan II

“Methods to Embed and Assess Context-Driven Design in Engineering Education”

191. May 2018 Brian Cera, MS Plan II

 “Aerial and Ground Locomotion with Six-Bar Spherical Tensegrities”

192. May 2018 Alan Zhang, MS Plan II

 “Design and Impact Characterization of Six-bar Spherical Tensegrity Robots”

193. May 2018 Parissa Lotfi, MS Plan II

 “Global Product Development Evaluation”

194. December 2018 Paige Balcom, MS Plan II

 “Trash to Tiles-Exploration of Creating Products from Waste Plastic in Uganda

195. December 2019 Jasmine M. Gipson, MS Plan II

 “Methodology for Experimental Modal Analysis of 6-Bar Ball Tensegrity Structures”

196. December 2019 George Moore, MS Plan II

 “A Life Cycle Analysis of Laser Cutter Embodied Impacts”

197. May 2023 Ankita Joshi, MS Plan II

 “Using Scenario-Based Design to Understand Bystanders’ and Experts’ Perceptions of Privacy Risks Emerging from the Cyber-Physical Social Systems of Autonomous Vehicles”

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