BEST Labbers win Reviewers’ Favourite “best paper” award at ICED17


BEST Labbers  win a Reviewers’ Favourite “best paper” award at ICED17, held this year in Vancouver, Canada with theme:  “Resource-Sensitive Design”, which encompasses design practice for and in resource-limited societies, as well as recognizes that all design is, fundamentally, resource-limited. Good design is elegant, effective, efficient and simple. How can we teach that spirit, learn that ethic, embrace it culturally and plan for its sustainability?

The authors are Julia Kramer, Danielle Poreh and Alice M. Agogino and the paper title is: Using TheDesignExchange as a knowledge platform for human-centered design-driven global development. (pdf)

Abstract: Human-centered design, for its value in allowing design practitioners to deeply engage with and understand the manifold needs of their end-users, is often invoked to tackle challenges of poverty and development around the world. TheDesignExchange is the largest comprehensive database of human-centered design methods and has been built to support designers working in a broad range of project and topic areas. Given the burgeoning interest in leveraging human-centered design methods to address challenges in resource-limited settings, theDesignExchange has begun building out case studies to support a network of designers around the world in addressing complex challenges of poverty and development using a human-centered design process.

Citation: DS 87-1 Proceedings of the 21st International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED 17) Vol 1: Resource Sensitive Design, Design Research Applications and Case Studies, Vancouver, Canada, 21-25.08.2017

Julia Kramer was the lead author and presented the paper and received the award.