Space ARRangers board game wins prototyping competition

BESTie Daniel Lim, two ME292C students (Holly Stein and Jeff Ying) and undergraduate researcher Alejandro Garcia Salas, (EECS) won first place in a 3D printing designathon. The theme was building a new type of board game, and the prize was a 3D printer for each of the team members. They used a human-centered design process in the contest, (the only team who used among 10+ teams), and the judges commented on their appreciation of this approach.

Create3D is a 24-hour designation about 3D printing. This year the theme was ‘Participants will design or modify a board game with any game mechanics, aesthetics, dimension of their choosing which will then be 3d-printed and judged.’  It was sponsored by Autodesk, Sculpteo, Board games of Berkeley, Game Craft, ORB and hosted by 3DMC

The team created the Space Arrangers board game, that was designed through a human centered design process / rapid prototyping and winning four 3D printers for each team members.

3D printed high fidelity prototypes of the Space Arrangers puzzle pieces. The pieces are staked up to create territory.

Feature image:  High quality rendering image of the space arrangers pieces using Fusion 360.