Kai Goebel Talks About Teaching Robots How To Think

BESTie Dr. Kai Goebel is the Tech Area Lead for Discovery and Systems Health at NASA’s Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley. He was recently interviewed about his AI work and his thoughts on teaching robots how to think.

ExcerptMatthew C. Buffington (Host): You are listening to the NASA in Silicon Valley, episode 20. Today, we are chatting with Kai Goebel, the Tech Area Lead for Discovery and Systems Health. We talk about NASA technology and how it drives exploration. Particularly, how computer science and engineering work together to solve complicated problems in harsh conditions. We cover his work in creating health systems for aeronautics and how that led him into working on autonomous robotics. Here is Kai Goebel.

Also see Kai’s Google talk: “Systems Health Technology at NASA Ames Research Center” or his talk at the BEST Lab 30 Year Reunion: When Will It Break? Kai Goebel, NASA.