Design Thinking Academic Decathlon in 2015 Cal Day Event

Two members of the BEST Lab, Euiyoung Kim and Pierce Gordon, were a part of the festivities of Cal Day by hosting a Cal Day Brunch. Historically, the Black Graduate Engineering and Science Students (BGESS) has held an annual Science Fair for Cal Day, where we take high school students from schools all around the Bay Area through the scientific process and give them an opportunity to present their findings to the general public. This year, to engage in more creative endeavors, we gave students more to see than just the average science fair.

Held in Wozniak Hall in Soda Hall on Apr. 18, 2015, graduate students involved in BGESS presented their research in a variety of disciplines: robotic control, to augmented reality, to basics of thermodynamics through supercooling, to other topics. They fielded questions from the students about their research, and about graduate school life as a whole. Pierce Gordon, the 2013-2015 BGESS President, was proud to host the intrigued students and the helpful graduate students, and offered the opportunity for further connections and mentorship.


Also, as a part of the BGESS event, Euiyoung Kim and assistant Ingrid Hong hosted a workshop which introduced design thinking activities to both high school students and the public guests of Cal Day. The activities he held include Design Thinking Puzzles, a Marshmallow Challenge, Empathy Design and Wallet Experience Design.

See some of the festivities here!