Omoju Miller named LEVO 100 Transformer

2015 Levo 100 Transformer Honorees celebrate inspiring Millennials who are “transforming the world as we know it. . . Transformers, the ones who advance civilization and teach inspiration. This group includes social activists, career coaches, nonprofit builders, wellness bloggers, and amazing minds who teach us to be better.”

Omoju Miller: technologist, educator and start-up advisor. Omoju’s work: I have been lending my skills to several CS education efforts. I helped educational startUp “University Now” build their first data analytics console focused exclusively on tracking student outcomes. In addition, I consult with Google’s Developer Advocate team to help build world-class online classes for Android development.  [At UC Berkeley] I help people unlock themselves as compassionate engineers with rigorous socio-technical training. I believe engineering is both an art as well as a science. I believe great engineers are master crafts people with an eye for detail, with an understanding of people in the context of society and with a desire to create value through their craft. I believe that software engineering can only be built on top of a solid CS background. There are not short cuts to greatness, it takes time, dedication and passion.