Former BEST Labber Becky Katz Named Chief Bicycle Officer at City of Atlanta

Becky Katz worked in the BEST Lab for her MS thesis on our Pinoleville Pomo Nation project on culturally-senstive sustainable housing with CARES (Community Assessment for Renewable Energy and Sustainability). She graduated with an MS degree in Environmental Engineering from the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology and participated in Alice Agogino’s distance learning class on Sustainable Project Design.

Last week, the Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia announced that Becky  has been hired as City Hall’s first-ever chief bicycle officer. She will be “tasked with planning bike accessibility projects and asking the community for input, among a wide range of other activities. Those duties include overseeing the city’s still-in-the-works bike-share program, writing grants and making sure development plans jibe with Cycle Atlanta and the Connect Atlanta plan.” See more on the press release.