Jennifer Wang’s Sound Challenge in the News

Meyer Sound sponsored a class project in Alice Agogino’s ME110 design class this Spring. With Jennifer Wang as a mentor, the project was launched as an exhibit at the Lawrence Hall of Science in April and is now part of the Design Quest as an expanded part of the Ingenuity program.

Recently, engineers from Meyer Sound Laboratories and students in Alice Agogino’s Mechanical Engineering Product Development course at UC Berkeley developed a sound challenge in which visitors built their own speakers and instruments in the Ingenuity Lab. “Collaborating with engineers makes the activities and topics relevant and rewarding for all involved,” said Jennifer Wang, a UC Berkeley doctoral student in the SESAME program (Studies in Engineering, Math and Science Education) who has helped develop the Ingenuity program at the Hall over the past three years. “It’s a unique experience, and the families that visit play for hours getting their designs to work just they way they want them to.”  See more at:  New exhibit at Lawrence Hall of Science helps youths learn engineering skill, Pleasanton  Weekly or the blog at Meyer Sound: Putting Audio Engineering into the Hands of Kids. Also the news at the Lawrence Hall of Science: Kids Invent the Future at Design Quest.