E39F: CARES (Community Assessment of Renewable Energy and Sustainability)


Alice Agogino, Mechanical Engineering, Room 415 Sutardja Dai Hall (CITRIS), x2-6450, agogino@berkeley.edu, http://twitter.com/agogino

Ryan Shelby, Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering, ryan_shelby@berkeley.edu>

Daniel (Danny) Wilson, Graduate Student, Mechanical Engineering, Daniel.Lawrence.Wilson@gmail.com

Time and Location:

M 4-5 PM, 254 Sutardja Dai Hall

The course will meet once per week. Each meeting will feature a presentation or activity with faculty, graduate student mentors, and class members. Student will also participate in supervised workshops. At least one field trip will be taken to deploy renewable energy workshop at the Pinoleville Pomo Nation near Ukia, California.

Course Description:

Freshman/ Sophomore Seminar on CARES (Community Assessment of Renewable Energy and Sustainability) with Application to the Pinoleville Pomo Nation. CARES research has shown that living sustainably, having access to accurate environmental data, and having implementable solutions are of major concerns to consumers. Research also indicates that people would be more eager to adopt a sustainable lifestyle if they are able to collaborate, share and work together with others. CARES seeks to help reduce climate change by being the first to close the loop of assessment, advisement and implementation of more sustainable lifestyles. This seminar will cover approaches to community assessment of renewable energy, with a focus on conservation, geothermal, microhydo-electric, solar photovoltaic, solar hot water heating, and wind energy. We will also explore issues associate with creating a “green corridor” with electric vehicles in the San Francisco Bay Area with connections to Northern California tribes.


  1. 8/30/2010: Logistics/Overview
  2. 9/6/2010: No Class (Labor Day)
  3. 9/13/2010: What is Human-Centered Design? Readings & Commenting:
  4. 9/20/2010: Codesign Innovation Workshop, Readings & Commenting:
    • Shelby, R., The Co-Design of Culturally-Inspired, Sustainable Housing with the Pinoleville Pomo Nation
    • CARES, Pinoleville Pomo Nation Prototype Home Final Design Report
  5. 9/27/2010: Teaching Engineering, Readings & Commenting:
  6. 10/4/2010: Assessment and Sensing, Readings & Commenting:
  7. 10/11/2010: Wind Energy & Microhydro Background, Readings & Commenting:
    • PPN Report: Section 1.4.2 Resource Assessments: Micro-Hydro
    • PPN Report: Section 1.4.3 Resource Assessments: Wind
  8. 10/18/2010, Wind Energy Project Development, Readings & Commenting:
  9. 10/25/2010: Wind Energy Project Redesign
  10. 11/1/2010: Solar PV/Thermal Background, Readings & Commenting:
    • PPN Report: Section 1.4.1 Resource Assessments: Solar
  11. 11/8/2010: Solar PV/Thermal Project Development, Readings & Commenting:
  12. 11/15/2010: Solar PV/Thermal Project Redesign
  13. 11/22/2010: Presentation and Demonstration V1 (Thanksgiving Week)
  14. 11/29/2010: Final Presentation and Demonstration
  15. 12/4/2010: Workshop at PPN
  16. 12/6/2010: Review & Wrap Up