Squishy Robotics Wins Silicon Valley Robotics Industry Innovation Award

Berkeley, California, Dec. 14, 2020–Squishy Robotics was among the recipients of the inaugural “Good Robot” Industry Awards presented by the non-profit industry association, Silicon Valley Robotics (SVR). The SVR Industry Awards celebrate the robotics, automation, and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will make the world a better place. See Squishy Robotics highlights.

“We are delighted that SVR honored Squishy Robotics with an Innovation Award,” said company co-founder and CEO Dr. Alice Agogino. “We are very pleased to be among the companies highlighted for their efforts to protect community members and are grateful that SVR recognizes the importance of how our mobile sensor robots can help protect first responders, HazMat team members, and the general public.”

Squishy Robotics’ rapidly deployable, airdroppable, mobile sensor robots provide lifesaving, cost-saving information in real time, enabling faster, better-informed data-driven decisions. The company’s robots provide first responders with location and chemical sensor data as well as the visual information needed to safely plan a mitigation response, all from a safe distance away from the “hot zones.” The scalable and reconfigurable robots, which can be deployed by drones or other aerial vehicles, can carry customized, third-party equipment (e.g., commercially available sensors, emergency medical aid supplies, or specialized radio components) in a variety of deployment scenarios.

Squishy Robotics was founded in 2017; the company grew out of prior research and work Mechanical Engineering Professor Alice Agogino did with NASA on robots for space exploration. Squishy Robotics’ Stationary Robot has been successfully dropped from airplanes from heights of up to 1,000 ft; the company’s Mobile Robot can traverse rugged and uneven terrain.

Squishy Robotics is currently focusing on the public safety drone accessories and defense remote monitoring markets. Additional markets include commercial remote monitoring (e.g., public utilities, oil and gas refineries), Smart Cities and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and small package delivery.

As a non-profit industry association, Silicon Valley Robotics (SVR) supports the innovation and commercialization of robotics technologies. Founded in 2010, this is the inaugural year for the non-profit’s Good Robot” Industry Awards. The full list of the 2020 awardees is available at: https://svrobo.org/awards.

Feature Image Caption: Squishy Robots being test at Southern Manatee Fire and Rescue Station#2 in Florida.