California Management Review Features Euiyoung Kim’s Research

The California Management Review features @UC Berkeley Dr. Euiyoung Kim and his work on “Design Roadmapping in an Uncertain World” in their new hashtagVUCA issue. He examines how to use customer experiences to drive product & technological hashtaginnovation. See the article:

Title: Design Roadmapping in an Uncertain World: Implementing a Customer-Experience-Focused Strategy

Abstract: Technology is rapidly changing, and customers are seeking not just products and services but experiences. Traditional approaches to strategic planning using product and technology roadmaps are no longer sufficient. This article describes the emergence of what the authors call “design roadmapping” approaches that are grounded in the creation of customer experiences, and which drive the choices of features, functionality, and technology. Design roadmapping provides stability for the future, even as technologies are changing, and keeps organizations more focused on the customers they are serving.