Alice Waters Wins National Humanities Medal

Berkeley news article on this prestigious achievement and Alice Waters’ connection to UC Berkeley. The article references the case study that was the subject of BEST Labber Soyeong Kim’s dissertation: Open Innovation Ecosystem: Chez Panisse Case Study.

Quote from the article: Also in 2014, the strategic use of Chez Panisse’s branding of suppliers’ names on the restaurant menu was deemed a prime example of the “open innovation” business model at work, according to a case study published in California Management Review. The study was co-authored by Henry Chesbrough, a Berkeley-Haas School of Business professor who coined the term “open innovation.” (Sohyeong Kim and Alice Agogino were the other co-authors.)

Alice Waters wrote us a letter of support for our recent award from the Peder Sather Center for Advanced Study on “Open Innovation in Food Innovation and Design: Comparative Case Study of California Cuisine and New Nordic Cuisine”.