BEST Lab Alum Torey Kocsik won James Dyson Scholarship: Read her story online


Congrats Torey Kocsik, a former BEST labber, won James Dyson Foundation scholarship and her story about higher education in Engineering for women is online. While her study in the Mechanical Engineering undergraduate major at Berkeley, she worked on the Next Digital project which applied the human-centered design process to identify the opportunity space in transition between analog and digital. Torey also co-authored the conference paper (with Euiyoung Kim, Cecile Basnage and Alice Agogino), “Human-Centric Study of Digital-Paper Transitions: Framing Design Opportunity Spaces”In DS 75-7: Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED13), Won Reviewers’s Favourite Award.

You can read more about her interview here: