May 8: UC Berkeley’s Design Fest 2013

Design Fest is emerging as a UC Berkeley open-house campus tradition. This year’s Design Fest features participants from new departments and student clubs which will help to highlight the breadth of Berkeley’s design offerings. On display will be hundreds of newly-created products designed to improve the lives of people from all walks of life

Berkeley’s Design Fest is an open house event where Berkeley students will show and tell their current projects. This open house event will showcase the diversity and magnitude of the design activity occurring in departments throughout Berkeley. The first phase of Design Fest will take place at the College of Environmental Design from 10am-noon. The north campus phase of the Design Fest will take place from 2-5pm in the CITRIS Atrium, Blum Center and patio. Or join us in the center of campus in our oldest building South Hall mid-afternoon.

 10-noon Wurster Hall Lobby and Cal Design Lab, 494 Wurster Hall

  • Design & Activism (College of Environmental Design, Rael, Hood & Ju)

  • Student Design Clubs: Design For America and Berkeley Innovation
  • New Product Development (Business, Kellogg)

1-2:00 pm Keynote Launch Talks, Sutardja Dai Hall Auditorium

  • Welcome, Alice Agogino, Co-Founder of UC Berkeley Design Fest; Founder of Engineering Pathway
  • Evan Atherton, Autodesk (inventor of 3D speakers: see Wired and
  • Jeff Denby, Chief Creative Officer and Co-Founder of Wear PACT
  • Sami Nerenberg, Director of Operations for Design for America
  • Rasheq Zarif, Senior Manager, Business Innovation, Mercedes-Benz Research and Development

2-5:00 pm: Posters, Atrium Sutardja Dai Hall, Patio and the Blum Center

  •  Human-Computer Interaction (Computer Science, Hartmann)
  •  Introduction to New Product Development (Mechanical Engineering, Agogino)

  •  Sustainable Product and Community Design (Mechanical Engineering, Agogino; Environmental Engineering, Addy )
  •  Mechanical Design and Prototyping (Mechanical Engineering, Pisano & Lin)
  •  Mercedes-Benz Prototype Electric Vehicle (Zarif, ME110/ME290H student teams)
  • Live Streaming Data Hug Challenge (Niemeyer, Internet Citizenship)

2-3:30 pm: Design Presentations, Banatao Auditorium, Sutardja Dai Hall

  •   Human-Computer Interaction (Computer Science, Hartmann)

3:30-5 pm: Design Presentations, Product Design, Banatao Auditorium, Sutardja Dai Hall

  • Share Your Charger (ME290H): Social platform providing a seamless transaction process for EV users to use and rent EV chargers with other EV users
  • Share Your Charger (ME110): An EV charger core kit with modular and mobile components for easy set-up (sponsored by Mercedes-Benz)
  • Energy Harvester (ME110): Generate clean energy to power your phone through human motions and activities
  • Pinpression (Locate All Things, ME110): Encourage and incentivize users to organize important items through convenient, aesthetically pleasing central hub
  • Living Display (ME110): Design a culturally appropriate display for PPN to preserve, honor, and claim absolute ownership of their artifacts

2-3:30 pm iSchool, 210 South Hall

  • Tangible Interface Design (iSchool, Ryokai)

4-6:00 pm Capstone Industry Posters, Blum Center

  • Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership (Fung Institute, Engineering, Fleming)

4-7:00 pm 60 Evans Hall

  • Designing Innovative Public Health Solutions (Public Health, Sandhu)

Many thanks to the sponsors and coaches for UC Berkeley design projects. Refreshments provided by the Human-Centered Design Course Threads program and the Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership.

For more information contact Alice Agogino or Wendy Ju at