Design Roadmapping Process

  • Conduct Comprehensive Design Research

Selective in-depth interviews, behavioral observations for unexplored needs and opportunity spaces for innovation. Comprehensive online surveys. Find out pain points and develop frameworks for identified problems.

  • Extract Common Themes and Insights

Synthesize data to create common themes and insights for the future. Narrow down user group focus and create primary and secondary personas and use scenarios. Record key observations and data from these personas and use scenarios.

  • Identify and Prioritize List of Technologies

Research different existing technologies and functionalities. Brainstorm potential new features. Prioritize these technologies based on stages of development. Select which technologies would be beneficial and useful for the target personas.

  • Map Technologies to Human Insights

Prioritize technologies based on needs that stem from human insights, and examine how technologies can be applied to address opportunity spaces and pain points of target user groups.

  • Create a Design Roadmap

Combine elements from user research and technology analysis to map out a plan that integrates human-centered solutions with targeted technologies. Create a cohesive collective shared vision for a design team.