Agogino Named in Top 10 Women in Robotics Industry

Article form Analytics Insight, Feb 23, 2020. Excerpt:

“From driving rovers on Mars to improving farm automation, women have been everywhere. These women cover all parts of the robotics industry, both research, product and approach. They are authors and pioneers, they are investigators and activists. They are founders and emeritus. There is a role model here for everybody! What’s more, there is no reason ever not to have a lady talking on a board on robotics and AI.

Robotics is the method for the future, and women are driving the way for the absolute most accommodating innovations! For little girls, strong role models are vital! From Ada Lovelace, the world’s first computer programmer, to ladies engaged with robotics today, this rundown of female pioneers makes certain to motivate children to think about robotics as a future career.”