Geometris Wins BEST Demo Award

Elena Duran and her team (Leah Rosenbaum, Ganesh Iyer ) won the BEST Demo Award at the 16th Interaction Design and Children Conference held at Stanford University 27-30 June 2017. The Interaction Design and Children Conference “is an interdisciplinary international community focusing on the promises and challenges of leveraging technology so as to enable children to participate in nurturing and empowering experiences and bring children’s voice and sentiments into this process. The mission of the IDC conference is to bring together researchers, designers, and educators from the cognitive sciences, human-computer interaction, learning sciences, and the various formal and informal educational settings, to explore new forms of technology, design and engaged learning among children”.

Geometris is a collaborative embodied game whose main objective is to provide children with a new way of experiencing geometry. With the intention of showing young learners that mathematics can go beyond its usual depiction as a solitary domain of formulas and abstractions, Geometris relies on teamwork and leverages children’s physical movements as a resource for thinking and talking about shapes.