This Weird Tumbleweed Robot Might Change Planetary Exploration

A rolling sphere of rods and cables being developed by NASA takes a lickin’ and keeps on ticking’: A recent Popular Science article discusses our tensegrity robot project with NASA Ames. The photo is of UC Berkeley’s Tensegrity Robot: constructed from our rapid prototyping kit (photo taken by Kyunam Kim). Professor Alice M. Agogino and her students are working with NASA Ames to develop  “a low-cost, easy-to-use tensegrity robotics kits to make it easy for people to put together new tensegrity robots, for students and researchers to tinker around with them,” Vytas SunSpiral from NASA Ames says. “We want to get people around the world exploring this revolutionary concept to help break new ground.”

See the video on the Discovery Channel featuring the project, with ME undergraduate students  Aliakbar Toghyan, Borna Dehghani, Laqshya Taneja, and Ian Matthew Krase, graduate students  Andrew Sabelhaus and  Kyunam Kim and recent ME graduate  Deaho Moon.