Human-Powered Gym Installed: See News and Videos

News article and video published in Innovations, Research and News from uC Berkeley, Nov. 2012. Initiated by Maha Haji (ME ’12) and doctoral student Kimberly Lau four years ago, the Human-Powered Gym (HPG) team aims to convert human power workouts to electricity at fitness facilities. An elliptical trainer and a stationary bike and were installed at the Recreational Sports Facility (RSF) earlier this month. See more at: The Hunt for a High-Energy, Low-Wattage Workout (YouTube video) and the 2010 ASME paper Human Power Generation in Fitness Facilities (2010 ASME paper). Also see Nov. 24, 2013 BerkeleyByte:  HPG team installs ellipticals at the RSF.