The Similarities/ Differences Between Mesopotamian and Egyptian Inventions
By: Keith And Nelson
Mesopotamian Inventions
    In this web page we will be talking about the differences and similarities between Egyptian and Mesopotamian inventions. We will mainly talk about what the inventions were called, and how they were used, and most importantly how they affected life then and how they do now.  We think that if a lot of the inventions that they discovered weren't invented it would have a great effect on life today.  A lot of the inventions that the two civilizations created were ahead of their time.
    One of the Mesopotamian inventions was in form of writing, which they named "Cuneiform."  The word cuneiform meant "wedge shaped."  The writing was originally made for taking an account of what they bought or sold.  Cuneiform was written on clay tablets with a pointed reed which was called the stylus.  The word cuneiform comes from the latin words: "cuneus," which means "wedge" and "forma," which means "shaped."  Mesopotamia wrote on clay tablets while the clay was still wet.  Writing allowed a lot of laws to be written. Other important things such as the recording important events,  had a big part in life in the ancient world. It also made it easier for this day and age to understand what type of people the Mesopotamians were.

    The most important invention that was created in the ancient times is probably the wheel.  The Sumerians, ( a civilization in ancient Mesopotamia) invented the wheel.  The wheels were used to connect on chariots.  It made it easier for them to get places faster.  "It was one of the biggest inventions in history."  This world would not be the same without the wheel.The wheel was used to move things without it being a heavy load.  The wheel was probably the most important invention in from Mesopotamia.

    The Mesopotamians sort of discovered glass.  One day some sailors were going to head ashore to rest and cook something to eat.  They gathered some wood and started a fire.  They were on a beach so the wood and the fire were on top of sand.  Surprisingly, the sand under the fire started to melt and this liquid started to run down.  After it cooled, it hardened and turned into a clear hard object. They started using glass for art work. Mesoptamians didn't use it to drink out of at first.  The invention of glass had a big effect on our lives, and it is really important.
    Mesopotamians started to build more high tech weapons, (for that time) like daggers, spears, chariots, etc.  After this, Mesopotamians were winning a lot of wars.  Sumer, one of the Mesopotamian cities, was the main one making the new warfare equipment.  As you can see, the Mesopotamians were getting deadlier and deadlier.  Assyrian peoples were the most violent and warlike in the history of Mesopotamian civilization.

    In conclusion, the Mesopotamians had a lot of history and big effect in the world. Especially the wheel, glass, writing, and deadly weapons inventions.  Also, the sailboat, ziggurats, and some of the first laws ever put into writing were contributed by the Mesopotamians.  With out all of this, the world would be a totally different place, and I don't think that I would like it, (Keith).

Egyptian Inventions

    Egyptians invented many important things. The Egyptians were one of the first to have a writing system. This writing system was called Hieroglyphics. Hieroglyphics had over 700 words, and they were later changed. Hieroglyphics can be written from left to right, right to left, or up to down.
    Egyptians also invented something millions of people use today. They invented paper. This paper was made from papyrus. To make the paper, they first cut off the stem. Later, they cut it into small pieces. With those pieces, they took out the outer rind by peeling it off. With the inner pith they cut it into strips. The strips were later arranged into two layers. The first strips had the strips going horizontal and the second had the strips going vertical. They covered the strips with a linen cloth. They also applied pressure to the strips to welled them together with a mallet or stone.

    The Egyptians also made the first triangular pyramid. Their purpose for the pyramid was to bury their dead kings and pharaohs.Finnaly they invented game boards. The game boards they invented were "Senet" and "Snake."


    What these two civilizations had in common was that they both made pyramid structures. Even though the Mesopotamian structures were called "Ziggurats", they were still pyramids. Both structures were different types of stepped pyramids. These pyramids were dedicated for their gods since the Egyptians considered their kings to be part god.

    These two civilizations were one of the first to make up a writing system. These systems first began as pictographs. They were written on clay  and on walls and other places.

    The two civilizations made board games and other fun stuff.

    These different cultures made up very important types of math like algebra, geometry and other types of math.

    Calendars were  made by both civilizations. Both calendars had over three hundred days in their year. These calendars began with the moon's or sun's cycle.


    The Egyptians made triangular pyramids and had different purposes for these structures. Their purpose was to protect their dead kings bodies. The Egyptian pyramids were made of lime stone and the Mesopotamian ziggurats were made of dry mud brick. That's why the Egyptian pyramids still stand. 

    Their writing looked different and was written on different types of things like the Egyptians who wrote on paper.

    The Egyptian calendar is more precise. The Egyptian calendar had more days, there were 365 days in their calendar. The Mesopotamians had 354 days on their calendar. The Egyptians believed those five extra days were considered bad luck to do anything.

    The Mesopotamians invented more things than the Egyptians and more important things like the wheel, sailboat, and the helmet.


    As you just read, the Mesopotamians invented many important things like a writing system, the wheel, sailboat, and the helmet. They also invented a calendar, dagger, and ziggurats. The Egyptians invented important things like the paper and a writing system too. They also invented board games. These are all great inventions but it seems to me that the the Mesopotamians invented more important  and inventions for transportation. The Egyptians invented creations for recreation and fun.