BEST (Berkeley Emergent Space Tensegrities) Robotics

Tensegrity Robots:

Inspired by Nature and Toys

Black Girls Code with Tensegrities:

Jasmine Gipson Lead Graduate Student (right)

BEST Team with versions of tensegrity robots, Fall 2014 (back) Aliakbar Toghyan, Kyunam Kim, Xiang Li, Borna Dehghani, Azhar Khaderi, Hao Ji

(front) Andrew P. Sabelhaus, Prof. Alice M. Agogino, Jasmine Gipson, Yakshu Madaan, Hugo Wagner.


Tensegrity robots are revolutionary soft robotic concepts that integrate biomimetics and tensegrity structures. Tensegrity robots are composed of purely tensile and compressive components (cables and rods). We are exploring co-robot applications (where humans and robots work as partners) since they are unlikely to harm their environment or human users. The application areas we are pursuing include space exploration, home health care, and search & rescue. Our tensegrity robot research has been featured in Wired Magazine, the Economist, the Smithsonian, Discovery Channel and IEEE Spectrum. We are part of the Robots and People initiative at CITRIS (Center for Information Technology in the Interest of Society).


Working with Vytas SunSpiral and Adrian Agogino from the Intelligent Systems Division of the NASA Ames Research Center, we have recently won a new grant from NASA titled: Precision Hopping/Rolling Robotic Surface Probe Based on Tensegrity Structures (Graphic, below left). Professor Alice Agogino and her team introduce the BEST Lab's tensegrity research in the video (below right):




The simulated images (below) and animation (lower left) are for the Super Ball Bots application
envisioned for space applications where they could deployed and bounce
to a landing before moving and exploring the surface. The image above
right is of the UC Berkeley BEST Lab rapid prototyping tensegrity robot
using linear actuators.

Simulated image of super ball bot Mockup of space exploration application UC Berkeley rapid prototyping version of SuperBallBot


See video of NASA collaborators Adrian Agogino and Vytas SunSpiral explain the structural advantages of tensegrity robots in this article and video (below right): NASA's Squishable 'Super Ball Bot' Could Explore Titan, IEEE Spectrum, December 2013.



Also see Kyunam Kim's simulation of the Super Bot robot using a lumped mass model of six struts (below left), and our recently developed rapid prototyping six-strut tensegrity robot (below right).



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